The Story of a Widow’s Coins

There is a biblical account of a poor widow who gave a religious offering of just two very common copper coins. These were worth very little and compared to large amounts some of the people there gave, they were of little consequence.

Jesus was watching this and made a comment about the poor widow’s two coins. He said to the crowd, that this woman actually gave more than all the other contributors on that day (reference).

coins-money-giveSo what is the point to this story?

Being a giving person is not measured by what you give, it is measured by what you have.

It is easy to hear of the Bill Gates who give billions to charity work all over the world and be disillusioned that we could ever make a difference. The point is not that we have to give as much as the Gates (and well done of their generosity), but that we make a difference with what we have.

Giving is the key to receiving.

When we give not only do the recipients of our gifts benefit, but we benefit.  And just because you don’t have a large stack of valuable, collectable coins, doesn’t mean you can make a difference – in your world and in others!

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