Overcoming Adversity with a Smile

59101051Life is seldom fair. Some who excel and prosper are seemingly undeserving or suspect character. Whilst others with golden hearts such the hardship of financial loss, serious sickness or just poor treatment at the hands of others. At times it is hard to fathom how or why.

Because of tales like this we need to understand times of hardship are inevitable. We will face adversity; the question is not ‘if’ but ‘how’ will be deal with it?

A friend of mine suffered from what is known asĀ Pulsatile Tinnitus, or a constant ringing in the ears. For years she suffered with this complaint whilst raising a family, being active in her social group of friends and working a full time job, and get this, she never let on.

It was only when she finally overcome this complaint that we all noticed the difference in her. The joy at having overcome this was evident on her face!

The point is – she was not one to complain and moan about her problems. She could’ve shared them with us and we all would’ve love to help and support her, but on reflection I saw she wanted to not give way to her problems and have that as what she was known for; ‘her sickness’.

She faced adversity with a smile.

It was not going to get her down or wear her out. She was going to look that thing in the eye and smile! Why? Because she was going to win and overcome it. Bravo Denise! We think you’re the best!!

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