Why You Should Enjoy a Cruise Holiday

Is a Cruise Holiday For You?

When you work hard all year you need to know that  when it comes time for vacation you really need to relax and get away.

After all, your leave time is precious and so it’s really important that you choose wisely how to use the time that you have earned. Its because of this I enjoy taking time out on a cruise. There are plenty of good reasons why you should choose a cruise too!

One of the great benefits about cruising is that you will get to see different destinations on the same trip. All without moving hotel, multiple flight and cramped travel. Exotic islands, beautiful harbors, outstanding scenery and major cities are all yours to take in on a cruise.

cruise1320x742You will also find another advantage of cruising over other vacations is the price. You can find cruises that last seven days that are extremely reasonable and affordable for everyday people. On top of that when you consider that the price of your cruise includes not only your lodging, but also all off your meals and on board entertainment it makes for a great deal. The lifestyle afforded by a cruise is second to none.

One of the things I enjoy most are the days at sea between ports. Some itineraries have you in a port almost every day — 4 ports on a 7 day cruise is fairly common. I actually enjoy the cruises with 3 ports.

That way we have a day at sea between each port. When you are at sea you can be totally relaxed. No need to carry around your expensive Olympus Camera equipment! My favorite thing is to lay by the pool and read a book while sipping on fancy cocktail. I love hearing the steel drums in the background and the sound of seagulls flying overhead.

A cruise vacation can also be taken in any number of different regions worldwide. Wherever you want to go, there is likely a cruise that can fit into that part of the world. Whilst the Caribbean is very popular and with good reason, others loves the pristine Alaskan coastal cruises.

But it doesn’t end there. Popular cruises can be had in the Mediterranean region of Europe for warm islands and historic cities like Rome, Barcelona, and Athens. The other side of Europe can also be explored with Scandinavian cruises taking in incredible glaciers and beautiful northern lights.

On top of that you can also explore Australia & New Zealand, the beautiful Pacific Islands, exotic south eastern Asian destinations from Indonesian islands to the resort cities of Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Even Japan, China and the far east are options to explore. Cruising gives you so many great possibilities to visit and see!

Next time you are considering where to go and what to do for your next vacation – consider a cruise. I can guarantee you would regret it!


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