What You Should Have on Your Bucket List

What you should have on your Bucket list

NYC MarathonA bucket list is a list of those achievement or experiences that you would like to accomplish during your life time. There are several things that you might have thought of doing during your life time.

You might have thought of travelling around the world, leaning a new language or even exploring the marine life. These are just some of the things that will make up your bucket list.

However, in this article we are going to look at some of those things that you are supposed to have on your bucket list.

Run a marathon

Running a marathon will help you to have a physical strength and endurance. You will have mental persistence and attitude as well. We all know running a marathon is not an easy thing but it will require you to train tirelessly. So, you can simply try running a marathon just like any other athletes and experience the hardships they face. You will have accomplished your bucket list.

Try a profession in another field

Don’t just die as a teacher, engineer or as an electrician. For how long have you been doing this work? You can try volunteering with a rehabilitation center or even running a part time business. This should not make you to quit your current job or it should not make you to resign your current job. All these are because you would like to try something new and in turn expand your horizon.

Achieve your ideal weight

Health is very important and everyone will want to stay healthy. I believe this is one of those achievements that you should include in your bucket list. Make commitment to staying healthy and this can be achieved by working out. Ask yourself if you are having ideal weight. If not, then you have to take the battle of achieving the required weight that you want. Doing so, you will have accomplished one of the achievements in your bucket list.

Learn a new language

Communication is very important. Though learning a new language is not something easy, it can be awesome for you to communicate with someone who speaks a foreign language. Majority of people know English as the only language to communicate with foreigners but you are wrong. There are countries that speak French, Spanish, Portuguese and even Italian. Learning any of these languages puts you in a prime position to communicate with individuals from these countries.

Connect with past teachers

There are many who will not like to connect with our former teachers because they used to discipline us and give us homework. Well, above all, they were doing this because they wanted all of us to have a bright future. Teachers played an important role in nurturing our lives during our early ages till our adulthood. The bottom line is, they all had good intentions and they all wanted us to win.

There are many things that you can include in your bucket list and work upon them. Don’t just sit back, die a hero.

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