The Incredible Story of the Cornerstone Employee Gone Bad…

employee-gone-badThere is no doubt each of us can have a significant impact in our day to day work roles. For most of us we would hope that would be a positive impact. But not all.

You probably haven’t heard of Terry Childs. But Terry Childs has a heck of story. His story is that of a System Administrator gone rogue, who effectively held the City of San Fransisco ransom through his reckless (even criminal) actions.

Maybe you’ve considered a career as a Linux System Admin, that would be a good thing. Following the example of Mr Childs would not:

Like many network administrators who work in the rarified air of enterprise network architecture and administration, Childs apparently trusted no one but himself with the details of the network, including routing configuration and login information. Again, from the source’s e-mail:

“The routing configuration of the FiberWAN is extremely complex. Probably more so than it ought to be; I sometimes got the feeling that, in order to maintain more centralized control over the routing structure, [Childs] bent some of the rules of MPLS networks and caused problems for himself in terms of maintaining the routing.

“Because the system was so complex (and also because he didn’t involve any of the other network engineers in his unit), Terry was the only person who fully understood the FiberWAN configuration. Therefore, to prevent inadvertent disruption of this admittedly critical network, he locked everyone else out.

From: The Story Behind San Francisco’s Rogue Network Admin

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