How to Turn your Love into a Career

CareersWhat is your favorite activity? There are those individuals who are working in a certain field but they have always developed passion for a certain job. The question is, how do you turn the love or passion for this job into a career? Well, if you are that kind of a person, here are tips on how you will turn the love you have about that job you always think about into a career.

Be realistic

If you got a passion for something, take your time and talk to people who are already in the field or doing the job that you are after. Ask them what the job entails. What are the daily assignments? Doing so, it is as if you will be doing the same job and it is important because, you might be looking at a job thinking it is easy and yet there is more than you expect. For instance if you are dreaming of having an electronic shop, don’t just look at the electronics, know there are taxes, license and such.

Work on your cover letter and resume

One thing you should know is that resume and cover letters are different depending on the kind of job you would like. Like at the moment, your resume and cover letter are suitable for your current employer. But if you are looking forward to venture into another field that you have passion, then you will have to change the cover latter and skills as well for them to match that job you have passion for. Do research and know the skills that employers in that field do look for. Sum them up and market yourself why you are the best candidate.


It is not easy for you to go ahead and get that job you are looking or you got a passion for. This way you will need to network with people from different industries that are doing the same job. They will help you to be scheduled for an interview. Through networking you will also be able to chat with someone in the industry and you will a feeling of what they want. If luck is on your side, you will be able to get the job, who knows?

Always think out of the box

Thinking out of the box is whereby you might have a passion for a certain job, but you don’t have skills regarding the job that you have had passion for some time. For example if you love to travel, then you should consider working with airlines so that you get that chance of travelling from one to another. Though for you to do this, you will need time before you can accomplish your goals.

May be you have done this before and now you are enjoy your career. Share with us what you did and how it was. The steps that you used and even the challenges you faced. One thing you have to be aware of is that you have to take time for you to do this without messing up with your current job. Be sure of everything before you take on the career that you have had passion for.

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